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Ventures Vol. 1                          'Play Guitar'  with the Ventures - Vol. 1 original sound tracks and tab sheets
                                                              Follow the original sound tracks and learn the lead, bass, and rhythm parts to four hit Ventures songs:
                                                                                                                Walk, Don't Run - Raunhy - Tequila - and Memphis

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December 15, 1964. ( Legal documents)

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                    PLAY GUITAR WITH THE VENTURES VOL. 1

                             Walk, Don't Run - Raunchy - Tequila - Memphis

                                                 BLP-16501 (mono) - BST  17501 (stereo)  Vol. 1 

 PLAY ALONG WITH THE VENTURES:  Select the song.....Click on the desired part.

    Everything you tab diagrams and original sound tracks.....

           Walk, Don't Run         

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