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Here is what others are saying about the 'Play Guitar' albums.  Ventures fans, Chet Atkins fans, Jimmy Bryant fans, hundreds of thousands of guitarists learned to play with the Guitar Phonics instructional albums.   I appreciate the many kind words.............THANKS!    wms


   "I used those records a lot, not only for learning how to play the songs, but for the Tuning Your Guitar part."
    Doug Smith,         British Columbia, Canada


   "I bought all of them and I remember learning a lot from Volume 3, especially the song, Diamond Head."
   Michel Perillard         Quebec, Canada 

   "I have all the Play Guitar albums.  The very first song I ever learned to play was, of course Walk-Don't Run, then Pipeline, Wipe Out, Tequila, La Bamba, and Let's Go!  In the late '90's, I printed out tabs from the internet and learned a lot more."

   Jeff Snow        Worcester, Massachusetts

   "I had four or five of the play guitar albums and I definitely benefited from them.  To what degree, I can't say, but they suffered a lot of wear on that old record player with its heavy arm.  I also learned by playing along with the actual albums of The Ventures, Duane Eddy, Johnny Cash, etc.  I later gave the Play Guitar albums, along with Fender Jaguar guitar and Bassman amp, to my younger brother."

   H. Ron Presnell     Rising Sun, Maryland

    "I had all of the albums and studied them religiously.  I think it was the best system of learning music ever had.  My brother-in-law (a doctor) is taking classical guitar lessons, paying big bucks to learn how to read.  That's OK, but when I've tried to teach him some simple stuff and show him the Guitar Phonics method, he scoffed, saying it wasn't real music.  I countered with, I guess that if its' in a langauge other than English, it's not a language?'  Anyway, I can play and he can't.  I love to go to his house, pick up his guitar and play.  All of the  non-musical people there think I'm a 'Super Dude' and he sits there quietly frying!  God bless The Ventures and the guy who invented Guitar-Phonics"

   Richard Corozza     Morristown, New Jersey

   "I have all seven albums of the Play Guitar albums.  They were such a cleave and helpful way of learning to play guitar.  I acquired them after I had started talking lessons, and it was another way to learn, outside of the music teacher's standard notation.  Plus, it was the Ventures!!"

   Mark Place      Clinton , Michigan
   "My brother Grant and I had all those albums including the Chet Atkins and Jimmy Bryant LPs.  I still have them!  We really didn't need them to play any of The Ventures tunes, because we already could do that, but it was fun to play along with The Ventures."

    Jeff Green     Cleveland, Ohio

"The Ventures are the first band that I ever truly went out of my mind for.  This [album] was one of their most amazing.  Such a great way of teaching kids how to play songs.  I think I was ten when I learned this stuff.  It was so well laid out and so easy to learn, I don't know why nobody ever did it again."

    Tom Hamilton (Areosmith)     Boston, Massachusetts

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