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                                                                 GUITAR PHONICS ARCHIVE



List of documents contained in this section of the Guitar Phonicis web site. To view click ARCHIVE sub menus. 
Original G P developement material

Russ Johnson diagrams pg 1 & 2
Original finger style song 'Sleep'
Original album page layout design
Original GP mockup album
Original GP diagram instructions
Original diagramed song 'Torquay'
Original Chet Atkins mockup album
Original CA album instructions:
    Right hand/Left hand
    Types of strums
Diagramed song 'St. Louis Blues'

Legal documents:
Certificate of Copywrite 1964
Memorandum of Agreement letter
Memorandum of Agreement
Guitar Phonics final agreement 
Liberty letter 4-25-64 royalties
Liberty letter 10-30-66 reserves
Liberty letter 1-13-69  no new releases
Liberty letter 1-13-69  cancellation

Royalty Statements
    * A sampling of statements
Statement 12-31-66
Statement CA 12-31-66
Statement CA 6-30-67
Statement Bryant 6-10-67
Statement 10-5-67
Statement 12-31-67
Statement 2-29-68
Statement 6-30-68
Statement 9-16-68

Production payments
Payment 2-11-66
Payment 2-4-66
Payment 8-4..8-13 Nashville expenses
Payment 7-2-66 Bryant booklet
Payment 10-18-66 art & booklet
Payment 10-18-66 session lead sheets


Chet Atkins office tape 8-4-66 
Song selection office tape
Copy of Play Guitar master tape 

The Guitar Phonics archive includes all of the many items that I collected, saved, and kept in my possession for over forty-five years.  It is remarkable that they survive.  This collection is now saved as computer files so that historians, authors, and those interested in how the Guitar Phonics play guitar albums were created, have them available for research and study.  Combined, these documents tell the complex and complete story of the process that I used in developing the Guitar Phonics 'play guitar' albums.


                                                           Sampling of documents