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Guitar Phonics Episode                                           The official written history of Guitar Phonics

                        Guitar Phonics
        An inspirational story of personal achievement

                   From front cover.....


                    to back cover......


       this book is an exciting read.     


Here is the full unabridged story of one man's dream to play guitar.

The BOOK for all Ventures, Chet Atkins, and Jimmy Bryant fans and record collectors!

   Published in COLOR




Here is the true story of how the Guitar Phonics play guitar albums came about, told by the creator of Guitar Phonics, Wilbur (Bill) Savidge.  One hundred and two (102) pages filled with never before published photographs, original art work, illustrations, letters, royalty statements, production payments....and much more!  If you are a Ventures, Chet Atkins, or Jimmy Bryant fan, this book is for you.  Bill Savidge takes you through the exciting story; from his earliest childhood fascination with the guitar, his early struggles and disappointments trying to lean how to play. He takes you through the day to day process that led to the development  the Guitar Phonics concept.  You will meet the men responsible for the successful series of play guitar educational albums.  He takes you  inside Liberty, providing an on-the-spot look at what went on behind closed doors, in the recording studios, and executive meetings; you will meet the artists and musicians, and follow the development and production of the instruction booklet and the album covers. 

The Guitar Phonics Episode is the never before told story of this            
historical event in guitar instruction: is a fun read; insightful, funny, filled with facts.


Over 600,000 Guitar Phonics 'Play Guitar' albums were sold

The only educational albums to ever make Billboard's top 100 chart 

Guitar Phonics did not happen by was not luck was the result of dedication and hard work

Here is an inside look at this remarkable book.....................................


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We are in the process of converting 'The Guitar Phonics Episode' in to digital media and at this time  is not available.

Available Now: Unpublished 1st draft (without pictures) availble for reading!