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Walk-Don't Run Lead                                             Play Guitar With The Ventures Vol. 1



                     Diagram explanation - "Finger pattern" for the lead part.

The numbered circles are places on the neck where you place your fingers to pick the notes.  This series of numbered circles is referred to as the FINGER PATTERN.

The row of numbers, for example 11234454, under the left side of the  diagram is the picking sequence.  Place your finger on the numbered circle shown and pick the string.  When the number is repeated, pick it again.

Under the right side of each diagram we tell you how many times to play or repeat each diagram pattern.

Two numbers underlined by a black bar are picked together as one note: Example-  1 4  1 5

Note: (Sound Track) You will be led through each note by diagram, voice instruction, and by hearing the music played.  There are two solo tracks for each part: (slow  and  normal speed). Then the song is played without the lead part giving you  the opportunity to fill in the missing part and play guitar with the Ventures!



                                 WALK, DON'T RUN  'Lead' 
                         Please allow a few seconds for the individual tracks to load

                                                                                    SOUND TRACK (tuning)

                                                                                SOUND TRACK (slow speed)

                                                                           SOUND TRACK
(normal speed)


                                                                     SOUND TRACK
(band missing lead) 



                                         Walk, Don't Run
   Bass    Rhythm   Ventures Vol. 1