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Chet Atkins original doc                                          Original Guitar Phonics diagrams - albums - Illustrations


The Beginning - The original documents

Original Russ Johnson's 'finger style' diagrams
Russ Johnson's arraignemnt of 'Sleep'
Original Guitr Phonics album page layout design

Liberty Records - The original doucments

Original album jacket mockup 1965    
Original Guitar Phonics album page design (text)
Song 'Torqray' diagramed for mockup album

Chet Atkins - The orginal documents

Oritingal Chet Atkins mockup album jacket
Origina Chet Atkins album instruction pages
Oritinal illustration - types of strums
Original song diagrams 'St Lous Blues


                                         CHET ATKINS - The original documents                        

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                                   Original 'Play Guitar' mockup album shown to Chet Atkins 1966



                                                           Original Chet Atkins mockup album page diagram illustrations



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