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                         Words of appreciation!


I created this web site to preserve the Guitar Phonics story and provide a source of accurate information for music historians, scholars, and writers.  As importantly, I created this site for all Ventures, Chet Atkins, and Jimmy Bryant fans that remember their experiences with the albums and still treasure them.  Also, it is a place where the current generation of guitar enthusiast that have found these albums may learn about them.

These seven  historic albums, photographs, documents, and memorabilia are from my personal collection and placed on this web site for your enjoyment, and for historical research.  They are not to be downloaded or copied for commerical or personal usage. 

I encourage you to check out all of the site's pages. The Photo Gallery is well worth a look.  For a rare treat, click on the Chet Atkins office tape and listen to twenty minutes of  music history.  I also encourage you to check out "The Guitar Phonics Episode". You too, can own a piece of Guitar Phonics history.  Let me know what you think of the belongs to all of us that love the guitar.

I welcome your questions and comments.  WMS.

             Original Chet Atkins office tape: 1966
                 Play Guitar album song selection  

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               The BOOK-The complete story




Guitar Phonics is the past-this is the future

Over 60 Chet Atkins YouTube Videos




       The Albums.....


                  THE OFFICIAL HISTORY OF GUITAR            PHONICS

This is the official web site for the Guitar Phonics 'play guitar' albums.  It is all here: the albums, sound tracks, instruction booklets, and the official Guitar Phonics archive containing the original concept development documents; photographs and illustrations, plus the factual story of how it all came about, told by the creator of Guitar Phonics, Wilbur 'Bill' Savidge.  Meet the men responsible for the play guitar albums- Bill Savidge, Don Blocker, Mike Allen, and the artists themselves, the Ventures, Chet Atkins, and Jimmy Bryant.  View all of the original album design drawings and album mock-ups, original Tablature development diagrams, letters, royalty statements, the Guitar Phonics copyright certificate, and much more!

 The Artists

Chet Atkins 

The Ventures

Jimmy Bryant

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